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The Dragon Diversity in Speculative Fiction & Literature Track is fortunate to have an array for talents creatives and professionals that will be sharing their expertise with us. We hope to see you soon! Most events are in the Inman Room which is the Lower Level III of the Hyatt.



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Dragoncon Diversity In Speculative Fiction & Literature Fandom Track  


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DiversityInSpeculativeFiction


Website: www.DiversityInSpeculativeFiction.com


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiversityInSpec


Instagram: www.instagram.com/DragonconDiversity/


Email: [email protected]  


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Thu 09:00 pm;  Imperial Ballroom;   2.5 Hrs;  

End Game Neon Party

DRAGON CON ASSEMBLE!!! Earth's Mightiest Heroes are throwing a Black Light Glow Party, & everyone is invited to attend. Come get down & get funky as we celebrate the victory over Thanos on Thursday August 29th!

Andrea Sheffield, Mansa Holland, Jarvis Shffield, Alicia White


Fri 10:00 am;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Official Welcome to the Diversity Track: What Is Diversity?Meet our director, guest of honor, panelists, & volunteers. Ask questions & hear a few ground rules from our director. Diversity is the new hot topic, but it’s not just a trend. We will delve into this concept from within the realm of media creation.

Carrier, Aaron-Michael Hall, Christine Taylor Butler, Marcel Bedard


Fri 11:30 am;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

The Business of Doing BusinessThis panel focuses on the basics of business, professionalism, & best practices of doing legitimate business as a creator.

Claire M. Eddy, Aaron-Michael Hall, Aleron Kong, Tony Cade(M), Jesse J Holland, Terrence Rosemore



Fri 02:30 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Writers' Panel: A Woman's PerspectiveA panel discussion that focuses on women in areas of publishing, writing, editing, comics, & art from a woman's perspective.

L. M. Davis, Chantelle Aimée Osman, Aaron-Michael Hall, F T Lukens, Jennifer Gilley, Violette L. Meier


Fri 04:00 pm;  « Inman;   1 Hr;  

Diversity in CosplayBehind the scenes with cosplayers as they dish out the info on the impact of cosplay, how it’s done, & how you can do it.

Walter Dean, Barr Foxx, Robert Stephens, Amber Page, Kat Hueber, Christopher English , David Hankerson(M)


Fri 05:00 pm;  « Other Hilton Steps;   1 Hr;    

Wakanda United PhotoshootA cosplay photoshoot for all things Wakanda at Dragon Con 2019. All costumers are welcome. On steps of Hilton patio, 5:00pm-6:00pm.


Fri 05:30 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

The Inside Track: Voices from Industry Insiders

Stanley Aughtry, Karan Ashley, Jesse J Holland


Fri 07:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Film & Video ShowcaseThis showcase features a variety of independent short films by a diverse array of creators. Also, in-person Q&A from some of the film writers.

Jeff Carroll, Frank Anderson, Keef Cross , Byron Conrad Erwin , Larissa Irankunda , Kamil Oshundara


Fri 08:30 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Breaking into the Entertainment IndustryCandid discussion regarding how to break into the entertainment industry from actors & creators who are doing it.

Claire M. Eddy, L. M. Davis(M), Allyssa A Lewis, Stanley Aughtry, Robert Jeffrey II, Jesse J Holland, Joseph Wheeler, Terrence Rosemore


Fri 10:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

After Hours Art Paint PartyIt’s a paint party for 40 lucky participants. Seasoned artists will facilitate a live group-painting session w/ the participants. This is an age 18+ event for the first 40 people to register on the Eventbrite link starting Thursday the 29th at 10 pm.

Jarvis Sheffield, Andrea Sheffield, Kwesi Jackson


Sat 10:00 am;  «» Parade;   1 Hr;  

Diversity Track in the ParadeA cross-section of Diversity Track participants in the historic Dragon Con Parade with cosplayers & a float.


Jarvis Sheffield, Andrea Sheffield, and Track Participants!


Sat 11:30 am;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Creating Print ComicsComic creators come together for a candid discussion of their projects, best practices, & how to do your own creations.

Robert Jeffrey II, Jesse J Holland, Kwesi Jackson, William Satterwhite, James Mason, Raymond Sanders


Sat 01:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Women of Color in FandomThe 'Women of Color in Sci-Fi Television' panel is a retrospective on actresses who have graced our screens from Nichelle Nichols to the present, as well as an examination of the impact that these characters have had on people's lives.

Christine Taylor-Butler, Latisha Jones, Nineka Wright, Allegriana, Redd Halima


Sat 02:30 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Writing for Games & Steam PanelPanel discussions on the topics of STEM, Steam, app development, & games as they relate to both education & entertainment.

Aleron Kong, Nasheed Gifted(M), Shareef Jackson, Jon Talley


Sat 04:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Educators & Fandom: The ConduitEducators often are the conduits for students young & old to sci-fantasy Fandom. This panel will explore their perspectives.

Tom Biondolillo, Jakita Thomas(M), Melonie Duncan, Nicholas Hoo, Jeff Carroll


Sat 05:30 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Differently Abled In FandomA discussion addressing issues & solutions the differently abled in fandom.

Ben Jacobs, Shannon Elliott, Ronald Seaman, Lizzy Fountain, Maria Sotnikova, Amber Lockhart


Sat 07:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Creators Panel: How to Manage It All? Work, Business, Family, etcHow can you manage work, business, family...and your career?

Jennie Breeden, Aaron-Michael Hall, Aleron Kong, Glenn Parris, Christine Taylor Butler(M), Violette L. Meier


Sat 08:30 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Animation ShowcaseWe will showcase short animations by independent creators. There will be a brief Q&A from some of the film writers.

Jarvis Sheffield, Tony Qwade, Hasaan Rashid


Sat 10:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;    

After-Hours Sketch PartyA live group-drawing session will be facilitated, creating drawings of Speculative Fiction characters while discussing art, drawing, & comics. This is an age 18+ event for the first 40 people to register on the Eventbrite link starting Thursday, August 29th, at 10 am.

Jarvis Sheffield, Beverly Toole , Andrea Sheffield


Sun 10:00 am;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Super SeniorsPerspectives from our more seasoned community of fandom.

Connie Benham, Paul Benham , Marilyn Teague , Susan Wall Kronenberg , Tom Morley , Kimber McDermott , Nancy Guthrie , James Hennigan


Sun 11:30 am;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Critical Studies of Diversity & Representation in SFPop culture scholars critically analyze the role of diversity & representation in science fiction & fantasy media, exploring racial & LGBTQ representation in the newly identified “hopepunk” genre as well as the “trickster” trope in portrayals of African Americans in SF.

Matthew J. Brown, Damien Patrick Williams, Jason Clark, Kecia Stovall, Angelic Daze - Kat Hueber


Sun 01:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Gamers, Programmers, & SteamGames, programming, & Steam discussion with those in the trenches.

Nicholas Hoo, Nasheed Gifted, William Satterhite, Marques Greene


Sun 02:30 pm;  « Inman;   1 Hr;  

Diverse Imagery In EntertainmentL. M. Davis, Stanley Aughtry, Simon Tam, Kwesi Jackson , Neisha T Mulchan, Lamont Gant , Terrence Rosemore, Kamil Oshundara


Sun 02:30 pm;  « Other Hilton Steps;   1 Hr;  

Black Geeks of Dragon Con Photo ShootBlack Geeks of Dragoncon & Friends photo shoot at 2:20 pm. All are welcomed!

Black Geeks of Dragoncon & Friends


Sun 04:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;

LGBTQ Relationships in Entertainment & Popular CultureQueer representation is on the rise in popular culture. However, are we where we should be in terms of equitable portrayals of LGBT people & Queer relationships?

Paige Gardner, M. Haynes, CB Lee, Tana Ford, Marie E. Wilson


Sun 05:30 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;    

WebcomicsWebcomic creators come together for a candid discussion of their projects, best practices, & how to do your own web creations.

Jennie Breeden, Robert Jeffrey II, Tony Cade(M), Sherard Jackson, Stephanie Belle Dragon, Greg Burnham


Sun 07:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Female Lead CharactersA facilitated discussion on female leads in books, comics, movies, & more.

Chantelle Aimée Osman, Aaron-Michael Hall, Tina Glasneck, Robert Jeffrey II, Seressia Glass


Sun 08:30 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Lighting for CosplayA workshop on lighting for cosplay with top cosplayers & makers.

Aisha Flores, Tanya Woods


Sun 10:00 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Game Night MixerA night of board games, video games, yard games, & more!

Tony Cade, Andrea Sheffield, Jarvis Sheffield


Mon 11:30 am;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Writing in the TransMedia AgeLively discussions focusing on the convergence of animation, art, books, comics, games, Steam, & VR into the transmedia age.

Aleron Kong, M. Haynes, M. Jayson Graham, Dedren Snead, John Robinson, Jeff Carroll, Braxton Cosby


Mon 01:00 pm;  «» Inman;   1 Hr;  

Ancient Astronauts; Alien or Native IntelligencesAre ancient astronauts aliens genetically engineering earth creatures or have there been multiple advance civilizations throughout prehistory?

Glenn Parris, Anton Marks


Mon 01:00 pm;  «» Inman;   1 Hr;  

The Impact of Cosplay on FandomA panel of cosplay photographers share their experiences of catching the perfect cosplay shot, in and outside of DragonCon. They will discuss how they achieved their most difficult-to-get shots, reflect on the challenges of managing photoshoots, and share some of their favorite shots.

Mars Prince , Mark Carey, Leigh Willis, Danny Hunter, C.s. Sherman(M), Dana Morgan


Mon 02:30 pm;  Inman;   1 Hr;  

Diversity Closing CeremoniesThese are the Diversity Track closing remarks, photos, & thanks. Tell the track what you liked, what worked, what didn’t, & what you do not want to see ever again.

Director and Volunteers